Pool Side FM!

Posted on Apr 10th, 2015 in Music

For sure a gem on the interwebs, Poolside Radio was brought to my attention a while ago and shortly after I found myself addicted to it. Default opening in my browser as soon my PC started up, it lately is one of my if not the main source for tunes. As a kid of the 80’s these miami-vice-teal-green-palmtree-vibed dance tunes can always bring me in a good mood.

The site is a playlist of selected and submitted tracks accompanied with video’s of all sorts of  commercials, movies and series from back in the 80’s. Although after I while I’d seen them all and it came pretty repetitive it was obviously meant to play in the background and certainly fun to draw your attention every now and then. It’s all about the music after all and that’s one things these guys (Marty Bell and Grant MacLennan) done well with an excellent selection of songs. It’s rare that 90% of what I hear, be it a new album, radio station or even personal created playlists I like and let play out and I can keep listening to this for hours. So make sure that if you’re like me and like rad dance tunes with a serious 80’s vibe to check the site and gief em sum luv.

Also not too long ago a notification popped on the site letting us know there is a all new, super hot version totally is coming. There’s the option to leave your email to be kept up-to-date about that which I suggest you do if you like what they are doing. The more mails they get, the more support they have and the more obvious it will be for them what they are doing it for.