Isaac’s Afterbirth release date

Posted on Sep 8th, 2015 in Games

It’s safe to say that The Binding of Isaac is by far my most favourite game all times. If it is the first flash release or Rebirth, it doesn’t matter but the game earned a special place in my heart. Never the less once Rebirth was released I could notice the difference of what the first Isaac-game was and what Edmund McMillen envisioned what Isaac suppose to have been. And I liked it a whole darn lot!

Not a long time after Edmund announced that Rebirth would be getting a update. As some things where just not as he had hoped and of course there’s always room for improvement. That’s at least what I got out of it. That update would be “Afterbirth” and sure enough we’d be getting frequent updates on the progress on Edmund’s Isaac blog. Now in my experience this took ages, since anything Isaac related can’t come soon enough if you ask me. So to say I’d be waiting angiously is an understatement. But lo and hehold the release date is finally announced, 30 October! Which in my experience is still a long-ass wait, then again I can start crossing off the days on my calendar. Details about the update can be found @ previous link ^^ and pre-orders for steam should be up soon-ish. So with that being said there nothing left for me to post about this expect the teaser.